Posts Removed

You may notice that my blog posts have been taken down.  At this time in my life I hope to concentrate on removing the “beam” from my own eye.  Thank you to those friends who have encouraged me in my blogging for the past several years.  May the Lord bless and keep you.


  • I can only hope that this is a well thought out, deliberate decision, and not a reaction to someone’s less than Christlike comments to or about you.

    I’ve loved your posts for years…guess now I’ll just have you to love. 🙂

  • Ron Kline

    What Steven said.

  • cokernutmom

    Me too. You have never done anything but help me. Ever. I have been so blessed to know you and to have had your counsel. I love you.

  • Jan Bryan

    Awwwww….with a heavy heart I comment on this! Wow….you are such an encouragement to so many. Satan loves to take those making a difference for the cause of Christ and make them ineffective. You are very influential to many women. In the ten years that I have known you, I have learned so much. I love how you teach me to be quick to forgive. In the ten years of knowing you…if there was something in the past that I have made right you have never brought it up again…..and you forgave me immediately. I love how you are real. As I struggle in areas….you do not try to help me with a spirit that I have never done that and I have arrived….I am all knowing. You are so humble…and many times say I can relate to how you feel after doing or saying something. I love that you are not afraid to talk about difficult topics that others do not touch. You have so much wisdom on so many topics. I love how you can share something with me and I think completely different about it then when I first messaged you. I love the example that you set for others in everything you do….and admit at times that you have failed in an area and strive to do better. I can not imagine my life if you had never decided to invest in it. I pray that the Lord this was the Lord’s will and not Satan’s attempt to keep you from reaching so many for Christ! I love you! Jan