Soccer in the Graveyard

Once we kids were playing soccer outside.  We gradually drifted into the graveyard, where there was an open grave that had just been dug.  We continued to play ball, until suddenly the ball rolled right into that empty grave!

We weren’t ready to give up a ball, and we had never been down inside a grave before… Pretty soon, we decided that one of us should be lowered into the grave, get the ball, and throw it out.  When we finally selected the honored one, we grabbed hands, and in a moment they were six feet under.

The ball was quickly thrown out, but what about that one in the grave?  What should we do?  Well, we decided to send another down to help the first one out.  There were no lack of willing bodies, but only one could be appointed to the task.  So we selected one, and sent him down.  That didn’t seem to work either, so we continued to send down one after another to share in the struggle, when suddenly, the one remaining sibling who was not yet in the grave, nervously reported that a long line of cars and a hearse were driving around the cemetery and parking, and we should probably find some fast way of extracting ourselves from the grave!  Then that proclaimer of bad tidings took off for home as quickly as they could!  We were horrified!  And down in that grave, which only moments away was to be the respectful center of attention for the large procession of people who were now making their way through the graveyard toward that grave, there was complete chaos! However, we somehow all managed to get out and run home before the first person reached the grave.

  • That is the funniest story I was trying to read it out loud and could barely read for laughing. Awhile back our pastor was preaching a funeral and some how he slipped and fell in the grave.He was so embarressed It didn’t take him long to get out

  • Jan Bryan

    Hannah, this is so funny! As I read this to my seven kiddos I could not stop laughing! These adventures are so fun to read! Love you! Jan Bryan