My cousin Shanda and I were about four years old, ShaDawn and Rebekah were about six, and Elisabeth was probably eight. It was bath time at Grandma’s house, and the five of us were supposed to get our baths together to save time and water.

Grandma had a jacuzzi and we were really excited about getting our bath! We all piled in and turned it on. The water started shooting out the sides! We loved it! That’s when the three older girls decided that it was a little too crowded. They made a plan! They told Shanda and I that sometimes spiders would shoot through the spouts with the water. Then, to their great delight, we quickly sprung out of the tub and absolutely refused to get back in until all the water was drained, and a regular tub of still water was run. The girls had a nice, comfortable bath with all the room they wanted. For years after that, I was always scared that spiders would come up the drain or shoot out the spout…