I’m hijacking my family’s blog for a few minutes…just long enough to say that I love and am missing all of you this Christmas. I’m praying for you. May God accomplish His purpose in us and through us during this time. Even so, come (quickly), Lord Jesus!

Hang in there!

  • Mom

    Hey Steven, Anna, Wes, Elisabeth, Trey, Addy, Brogan, Michael, and Bekah, We love and miss all of you. Please have a wonderful Christmas! We love you! We’ve just had a beautiful Christmas eve candlelight communion service and are enjoying some family time. Thank you so much, Steven, for finding such a special way to send Christmas greetings. This is an awesome idea! Thank you!

  • Lisa: So enjoyed your clothesline story! It makes my frozen clothes one when I 14 and was hanging clothes when grandma was in the hospital rather pleasing LOL!!
    Best to all of you and yours. Would love to see everyone at a reunion some summer!
    Aunt Lil

  • mom_corbett

    Aunt Lil, I don’t know HOW I missed this comment four years ago and every day since! I love hearing from you! Please tell your story of frozen clothes! I’d LOVE to come to a reunion some summer! I hope it works out for me some time soon! Hugs! Lisa