One Cold Day

Once when we lived in PA, our neighbor Renee came over.  She sometimes played with Elisabeth and Rebekah.  This particular time it was very cold.  There was a big hole in the side yard filled with water.  It had been just cold enough to get a layer of ice over the hole – it wasn’t very […]

Soccer in the Graveyard

Once we kids were playing soccer outside.  We gradually drifted into the graveyard, where there was an open grave that had just been dug.  We continued to play ball, until suddenly the ball rolled right into that empty grave! We weren’t ready to give up a ball, and we had never been down inside a […]

The Second Baptism

One Saturday evening, we kids were all standing around the baptistery. It was filled with water, because someone was going to be baptized Sunday.  Well, all of we kids except Steven were standing around it, but he soon came in too.  He looked into the baptistery, he looked at all of us standing around it, then […]

A Little Night Music

We were going to visit relatives in Hancock, Maryland, and we lived in Cairo, Mississippi.  It usually took us sixteen hours of driving.  Great-grandma Heidler lived with us then, and she wasn’t able to travel such a long distance.  So we asked a family in our church if they would stay at our house while […]