Man In Nanny’s Bed!

Once our whole family had traveled up from Mississippi to Hancock MD. to visit relatives. Everyone was staying at Grandpa and Grandma’s except Steven who was staying at Nanny’s house down the road.

When Steven got to Nanny’s on the first night she met him at the door and welcomed him in! Steven, being the oldest of seven children, was naturally very organized and responsible. He wasted no time in taking his things up to his room and getting settled in!

Nanny made sure he had everything he needed then went around settling everything for the night. Finally she climbed the stairs to go to her own room and crawl in bed. When she reached the top of the stairs everything was dark and quiet. Looking around her room her eyes caught sight of something unusual about her bed! For a moment she didn’t move. There, lying on her bed, underneath her homemade quilts was a big man! Well Nanny was not about to put up with such shocking discourtesy! So, fearless Nanny rushed toward the man, grabbed the quilts and yanked them off of him! But the Man didn’t move at all and as Nanny surveyed him more closely she found that her intruder was nothing more than several rolled up rugs and pillows!

She was very relieved and knew immediately where he had come from; so creeping into Steven’s room she laughingly told him of his success!