Ten-Fold Provision

When Mother was a young girl, maybe 12 or 13, she had done some babysitting and earned $10.00.

When Sunday morning came, she sat in the pew with her $10.00, and as the offering plate was passed around, she got ready to put in $1.00 for tithe.  Somehow she felt that she should put all $10.00 in the plate.  As the plate got closer she thought, “But I could really use this $9.00… yes, but I think I need to put it in the plate…”.  For a moment she hesitated, then put all $10.00 in the plate.  When she did, she felt like she had done the right thing, and she was glad she had done it, but she thought, “Well, I’ve done what I felt like God wanted me to do, I sure hope He provides.”

After the service, a lady walked up to Mother’s mom, handed her $100.00, and said, “Take Lisa shopping and get her the things that she needs.”

Mother gave God 10 times as much as was asked, and He gave her 10 times more than that! 🙂