Category: Christianity

What Should I Wear To Church?

Have you heard someone say something like, “we should wear our very best to church to honor God?”  I tried that once.  I had a simple though formal gown that I wanted to wear for a special holiday.  The longer I wore it, the more uncomfortable I became.  With each comment it was increasingly obvious […]

Maintaining Our Testimony

As ladies we represent our Savior daily, to our children, our spouse, our friends, and those with whom we rub shoulders.  We have opportunities to reach out and help others in Jesus’ Name, and can have lasting effects on those we meet.  What are some ways we can make certain those contacts leave the best […]

“A friend loveth at all times …” Pro. 17:17

One of the blessings of this time of transition in my life has been the opportunity to work with Bro. Skinner on a daily basis.  Bro. Skinner has been a blessing, an encouragement and has challenged me in my walk with God.  Thursday night he invited several of us over to watch the National Championship […]

Poor Mail Lady!

I’m so amazed at how God is always so full of grace…and how He answers our prayers. It my not be a yes…but it could be;D A couple days ago one of my sisters said something about a stack of mail that “had” to go that day…the only problem was the mail had already gone […]