Christmas as a family!

We could never begin to count all the blessings God has sent us through this past holiday season! It really is a miracle! It was amazing watching God do what was so impossible! We were so blessed to get to spend Christmas as a family this year! We are truly thankful to God and the many wonderful people who helped make it happen!

I guess it started last Christmas, we wanted to be together and

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weren’t able to so we all started praying that God would bring us together for the next Christmas!

Well the dreams started coming true a little over a week before Christmas!! It was just a normal day and Dad and I were headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things. As soon as we pulled into the parking space Dad’s cellphone rang. The conversation was very short and matter of fact sounding. Dad hung up and started pulling back out of the parking lot. I didn’t know what was going on but I wasn’t worried, maybe someone was in the hospital and wanted Dad to come or maybe we had a stranger sitting on our porch again and Mom was worried. I looked over at Dad and he just shook his head and said We’ll have to get groceries later Mom wants me to come home… that’s all she said,I don’t know if something has happened or anything really only that she needs me to come right away. It only took a couple of minutes for us to get home and when we did Bro. Lee’s vehicle was parked in our driveway. Dad got out of the van and started walking up to the house just as Bro. Lee stepped out onto our front porch with a big smile on his face… I don’t know how it all happened but all of the sudden Michael, Rebekah and Ava piled out of Mr. Lees car!! Everybody started hugging, kissing, crying and laughing then and everyone was talking at the same time! Even Mr. Lee didn’t get out of it he also got hugged and cried over! We were so amazed and very very happy! For the next several days we had an absolutely wonderful time! We went to the beach, played card games watched movies held Ava and completely enjoyed each others company!

Then one evening at around nine pm Rebekah asked if we could have a family game of Skip Bo! So we gathered around the dining room table, dealt the cards and started a game! We hadn’t gotten far at all when we heard a knock on the door. We all kind of looked at each other and wondered who would be knocking on our door at this time of night. Rachel and I got up to see who it was, we opened the door and there standing on our porch were what looked like the images of Steven, Anna and Eva! For a few seconds no one moved or said a thing. I think it really messed with our minds a little bit. We had been on the phone with them not long ago and we “knew” they were in Tennessee getting ready for their own Christmas! Right?! Soon we realized it was for real and we made so much noise that our very docile Eva was overwhelmed and burst into tears! Mr. and Mrs. Brittan were there behind Steven and Anna. They had picked them up from the airport and brought them to our house! Then we found out that they and Mrs. Ivy had paid their way here!! Well of course everyone started laughing, crying, hugging and kissing all over again! We found out later that Michael and Bekah had known about it all along and that’s why Rebekah suggested a family game so no one would go to bed before the surprise got here!

A few days later and after many more amazing miracles we went to the airport and picked up Wes, Elisabeth, Trey, Addison and Brogan!! There’s not a feeling in the world like that!! All seventeen of us living in one house! It was completely amazing! There were so many old time family talks, there was singing, piano, guitar and violin playing, joking and mainly hugging! The kids couldn’t even walk through one room without being picked up five times to be hugged and kissed by an Aunt, Uncle or Grandparent!! But they didn’t seem to mind!

Christmas day was awesome!! And I think all of our hearts were and still are bursting with thankfulness to God for this amazing demonstration of his love!!! Never in all our lives will we forget this time! It truly was the most amazing miracle from God!

We hope that everyone was blessed with a wonderful Christmas and will have a great new year!!

With love from the Corbett family.

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Thank you for blogging about our Christmas Miracle, Hannah! What a blessing it was! God has been good to us.


It was a GREAT Christmas. God is so good! And it truly was a miracle for it to work out (passports, finances, etc.). Thanks Hannah for writing down our feelings and recording our gratitude!


This was so much fun to read! I’m SO glad y’all were all together!!


Loved it! I am in tears, so glad you ALL were blessed and got to be together!!

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