Maintaining Our Testimony

As ladies we represent our Savior daily, to our children, our spouse, our friends, and those with whom we rub shoulders.  We have opportunities to reach out and help others in Jesus’ Name, and can have lasting effects on those we meet.  What are some ways we can make certain those contacts leave the best impressions possible?  Must we appear to “have it all together” or be a “super-woman?”

There are limitations each of us face, such as time constraints, limits to our energy, abundance of responsibilities.  With that knowledge, what are some things we cannot afford to neglect?

We MUST MAKE time to include scripture and prayer daily in our lives.  This is not optional if we hope to maintain Christian testimony.  We are flesh.  Our flesh expands its reaches into areas that must remain under Spirit control through constant fellowship with our Savior.  We dare not neglect scripture and prayer.

Another inroad into positive testimony is our appearance.  Must we look as though we stepped out of a catalog?  No.  But we should appear kempt.  Are there exceptions?  Sure.  When working in the garden, the yard, etc, there may be some dirt.  Must we have the latest hair style going?  Must we take an hour to style our hair?  Obviously impossible.  How should we appear to those we meet?  Neat with simply and attractively styled hair and clothing.  What are some ways we can accomplish this with our limited time and finances?  Shop sales and thrift stores.  Watch out!  Even thrifty shopping can be habit forming and we must not become shop-a-holics.  We should own only as much clothing as we have time to properly care for.  Wrinkled, stained clothing in need of mending does not leave a great impression.  Neither do slips hanging below the hem, and hose with runs, or clothing that hangs on us like a grocery bag.

To maintain optimal testimony, we should attend to these areas, remembering that it wasn’t a good woman described in Proverbs, whose feet didn’t like to stay in her house.  We must realize that maintaining proper testimony will require time spent profitably at home.  It takes time to make certain each person has time for a daily bath, our clothing is washed, and our house and vehicles are clean.  When we’re exhausted we’d like to skip that shower.  It’s time consuming to make certain that children bathe regularly and properly.  If we don’t bathe each member of our family on a daily basis, or in a pinch put off a bath for a few hours past the 24, we may be carrying around an odor that we don’t smell, but others do.

Another important part of our testimony is an appropriately loving spirit that gives and and shares–the Gospel, as well as practical help.  I have a friend who is a model of self sacrifice, giving, and helping practically those who need a boost.  She notices needs others overlook.  She is resourceful in finding ways to help.  She often takes food to those who are hungry.  She has been known to cook for an elderly person, take in a child in need of shelter and love, and see that a child receives a Christmas gift, that otherwise might have to admit to friends that they didn’t get one.  She is careful to see that her contact is concentrated on women and children, and could not be accused of being careless in her contacts with men.

These are concepts that I have had to learn myself over the years, and have at times done poorly in more than one of them.  By God’s grace we can commit to maintain our testimony to His glory.

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Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. It’s possible that in the quest for sacrificing one’s life for others, one may have to sacrifice one’s attractiveness. God will then look on the heart of such a person and be pleased. Meanwhile, another person may see this person with disdain. God has chosen the foolish things of this world.


Yes, James, some have given their lives or their attractiveness for others. I was actually aiming more at cleanliness, as much as one IS able, versus slovenliness, which some seem to see as acceptable. Thank you for the great reminder that things are not always as they appear.

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