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Daddy has always planned special things and vacations for us, or just bought a snack and a movie and had “family night” with us. I really appreciate how even though he’s busy he always takes time for his family. I know a lot of preachers that put church people before their family, but Dad has always made sure he didn’t “lose” us for others. I really appreciate that.


Daddy has always been right here for me. 🙂 I remember so many times when I was having a hard time, or I didn’t understand things, Daddy never would get upset with me. He’s always just dropped his work to come be with me… showing me lots of love and wisdom, and helping me to get through it!

So many times I’ve seen people tell you what to believe but forget to show you from the Bible why. I love how Daddy always takes the time to show us from the Bible what he believes, then leaves it to each of us to find what we believe. Daddy IS my hero! <3

Daddy you’re my favorite man in the whole world! I LOVE YOU!


Two things I especially want to thank Daddy for are how he trains us spiritually and how he always has time for us. He always makes it a point to have plenty of family time throughout the week even when his schedule is packed.

When he knows that one of us is struggling with a certain area in our lives, he will have us all study it together during family devotions without letting on that the study is for anyone in particular! 🙂

We kids have sometimes acted like savages instead of the decent, well-mannered pastor’s kids that we should have been, but Daddy has always been so understanding of us. I always felt like I could explain to him the necessity of playing on the church roof, climbing in and out of church windows, swimming in the baptistery, taking a baby squirrel to church, cutting the bottom out of the church water fountain cups, etc., sure that he would at least listen to my whole case before judging and sentencing me. He never got angry even when it could have damaged his reputation to the church people.

Daddy is not only my wonderful pastor, my awesome dad, my hero… he’s my friend! I love you, Daddy!


I have heard lots of dads yelling at their kids, and can’t help being grateful for the dad I have. I can’t remember my dad ever yelling at me. I have been disciplined, but not humiliated by having Dad make me look like a total idiot, especially in front of a lot of people. And I have done some dumb things like snapping my dad’s truck door, running into his truck, breaking church windows, catching the church yard on fire, etc.

So I decided not only to thank my Dad, but also to make a public list of the names of all parents that I have personally witnessed yelling angrily at their kids….


When I think of my dad, I think of one of my best and closest friends in the world. Growing up I felt a closeness to him, and whenever I had a question or needed help, he was there to listen and help me. He’s been so patient with me, I really don’t know how he’s done it!

I love my daddy very much, and nothing, including distance or circumstances can ever take away that closeness. I love you, Dad!


Daddy has influenced thousands and thousands of people over his 24+ years of ministry, but not at the expense of his family.  He has invested precious time in my life- whenever I had issues that needed worked through, he would make time to go do something together, just so we could talk.  At one rather critical time in my teen years, we actually had a lunch outing scheduled together once a week (very good memories).

There are dozens of qualities that set Daddy apart from other men.  He’s extremely wise, thoughtful, witty, generous, impatient, fun, responsible, intelligent, and a very gifted speaker.  He really has given up a lot for me, and I will never forget the sacrifices that he has made for me personally, and for our family as a whole.  I love and respect him more than I can express in words.


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Haha! I DO TOO! 😀


Thank you for doing this, kids. These notes are honest and meaningful. We love you and treasure the uniqueness of each one of you.

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