What Should I Wear To Church?

Have you heard someone say something like, “we should wear our very best to church to honor God?”  I tried that once.  I had a simple though formal gown that I wanted to wear for a special holiday.  The longer I wore it, the more uncomfortable I became.  With each comment it was increasingly obvious that the dress was drawing attention to itself and it’s wearer–me.  Should we wear our very best to church to honor God?  I think not.  We reserve our tuxedos and formal gowns for participating in weddings and attending formal banquets.

I have attended churches that have put so much pressure on dressing up, that it was a strain on our family budget to keep my growing sons clothed “appropriately.”  Even when shopping at thrift stores it was an unfortunate strain to keep our boys in even one suit a piece, let alone keep up with the other boys at church who seemed to have several.  God never intended this type of discrimination to keep people from coming together for public worship.

Well then, what does scripture say about what we should wear to church?  Only this:  we are not to give preference to those wearing expensive clothing over those who are wearing the inexpensive. Scripture does address our clothing, but it does not specify that church clothing should be different from what we wear at other times.

Then what should I wear to church?  Just as on every other occasion, when we step outside the door of our personal residence, we should do so in the fear of God, and with love and respect for God and man.  That is all.  291012_1

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Amen ! Thanks for sharing. Very timely.

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