Nanny Edna's

On The Farm

Hi!  I’m Lisa, Mom, and Grandma.  For now my husband and I live with his 98 year old grandmother– Nanny Edna, our son–Steven, and his family–Anna, Eva and Hudson.  We all share caring for Nanny, with Steven and Anna serving as her primary care givers.  When not on call for Nanny, we sometimes spend a week or so with Nanny’s baby sister, Aunt Wanda.  We help her with physical needs and general upkeep like painting, sealing cracks in the driveway, doing minor repairs, and giving her a week of cooked meals and some much wished for company.  Living alone gets boring at her age and condition.

Steve fills the pulpit for pastor friends, does a lot of mowing here on the farm, and we love to see our children when we can.

We are enjoying this new form of ministry and look forward to what God has in mind for the future.