This month has been great! Tim celebrated his seventeenth birthday! He is such a wonderful brother! He’s an amazing pianist and we all love it when he sit’s down to the piano! His goal is still to become a Pilot and he spends a lot of time learning about planes and practicing on flight simulator.

We had a wonderful Valentines day as a family this year! Mom Rachel and I had a lot of fun making cards, desserts and decorations! Dad bought an ice cream cake in the shape of a heart for Mom and she shared with everyone!! 🙂 Dad also bought each of us boxes of chocolate!! He is so sweet and thoughtful!!

Things at the church seem to be going really well! We have one more week of Bible institute and then a break for a few weeks!

Daniel left yesterday to come to the States for several months. We really miss him! But we hope he has a very good time with family

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and also get’s a lot of work!!

We have a lady in our church who lives in Cuba but since she has duel citizenship she is allowed to come to Grand Cayman for work sometimes. The past few weeks we’ve been blessed to be able to fill boxes with items for the people there that she will be able to take with her when she leaves! It is heartbreaking to hear about some of the struggles people in Cuba are facing!

Mom recently added a new piano student to her list and is now teaching five students each week besides her practice with the orchestra!

Dad seems to find a way to make every week special! He is always finding sweet or exciting things for us to do together! We kids were certainly blessed with amazing parents!!

Rachel has sort of adopted a little girl in our neighborhood! She’s kind of like a big sister to her! She helps her with her homework after school, they cook, clean and play games together! Rachel is very caring and quickly makes friends wherever she goes!

The cake Dad bought!


Some of our Valentines day decorations


more decorations


At the airport with Daniel right before he boarded the plane


Daniel and Mom



Thanks for stopping by!

With love from the Corbett family!

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Thanks Hannah for blogging about our month. What a blessing you are to our family! I love you! Mother


Hannah you’re an awesome writer! I really enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

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