A Little Night Music

We were going to visit relatives in Hancock, Maryland, and we lived in Cairo, Mississippi.  It usually took us sixteen hours of driving.  Great-grandma Heidler lived with us then, and she wasn’t able to travel such a long distance.  So we asked a family in our church if they would stay at our house while we were away, and watch over Grandma.  They said they would, so we started thinking about which rooms to prepare for them to stay in.

Just the mom and two kids were coming because the dad had to work.  While we were deciding where they should sleep, Steven made it known that he would be very pleased to let Jason (the boy) stay in his room.  Though Steven seemed somewhat unwilling to accept praise for his nobleness, we let him know that we thought it was very big of him!

So he went off to get it “company ready”.

The very first night they were there, it was pitch black and everything was very still and quiet.  It was just a few seconds before midnight, and everyone was sleeping peacefully.  Just as the clock struck 12:00 however, from both sides of Jason’s head burst an extremely loud, horribly scary, confusing mess of blaring classical music that pounded his ear drums and would have made the hair on the back of your neck bristle!  Then suddenly the light flipped on, and there stood his mom- she had jumped out of bed to see what was going on!  She looked up at Jason- he was sitting there with his legs hanging over the side of the bunkbed, and he was just staring blankly at the floor. Unable to think straight enough to find the source of the noise and make it stop.

Somehow they managed to turn the music off and everything was quiet and still again.  Now what should they do?  What had made that happen?  Would it happen again?  If so, when?

That was the only time anything like that happened during their stay in our home, and they were very grateful. When we got home they told us about it.  Now we all knew why Steven had wanted to share his room so badly!