Grape-flavored Iris, Anyone?

We had not been getting to bed until really late for a while now, so Dad and Mom decided to set a bed time. They decided on 9:00 p.m. It was a Wednesday night. Church starts at 7:00 and is supposed to be over at 8:00, but sometimes went over, so we usually didn’t get to hang around much to talk or play after Church. When it was 8:30, we were supposed to go to the house, get our baths, get ready for bed and be in the bed by 9:00.

So at 8:30, Rachel, Rebekah and I went down to our bedroom and started getting ready for bed. We soon noticed that our friend Kelsey was at the window. We opened it and I began talking with her. Several times Rebekah reminded me that I had to be in bed by 9:00. I assured her that I would be- getting ready for bed didn’t take a whole half an hour, so I continued talking with Kelsey, who was standing by some of Mom’s purple Iris.

Kelsey bent down and pulled a petal off of one of them and stuck it in her mouth! Now Rebekah came over to the window too. This was exciting! Our friend was eating our Mom’s flowers! I asked her what it tasted like. She said it tasted like grapes! Then she picked another and handed it to me, but I still wasn’t sure, so she put that one in her mouth too! Okay, now I was convinced! If it didn’t taste good, she would not have eaten another one! This time when she offered me one, I accepted. I hurriedly put it in my mouth. YUCK! It was disgusting! But if Kelsey thought it tasted like grapes, then so did I. “Yummm! This does taste like grapes!” I loyally affirmed. Finally I managed to swallow it. Whshew! Thankfully that was over! But Kelsey was on her third petal and handing me my seccond. If I refused it, Rebekah and Rachel wouldn’t believe that it tasted like grapes, so I grabbed it and stuffed it in my mouth.

Then Kelsey’s parents called her. They said it was time to go. Kelsey and I stood there for a minute. What would our parents say? It wasn’t long before we knew! Here they came! When they got down to where we were, Rebekah said “Kelsey and Hannah both just ate some of Mommy’s flowers! They said they tasted like grapes!” I was pulled out the window, and we were rushed up the hill.

When Mom and Dad found out, they called poison control. Both families gathered in our kitchen and livingroom. Poison control said they should wash our faces and have us drink lots of milk. Mrs. Cheryl came in, washed our faces, and brought us glasses of milk while Mom talked on the phone. Then she came in and asked us if we were feeling itchy. The people said one of the symptoms of poison would be itching! Immediately, we felt itchy! She laughed and went back out, and we survived.

(Just for your information, the tulips did NOT taste like grapes!)