Bath Time!

One time (a long time ago) when Elisabeth finally decided she was too old to get a bath with Rebekah, Rebekah decided to allow Rachel and I the privilege of getting our bath with her!

And… she got to make the rules.

Here’s how it worked: we would all sit Indian style – Rebekah in the front, I was behind her, and Rachel was in the back. Rebekah would use the soap, pass it to me, I would use it, and pass it to Rachel. When she was done, she would set it outside of the tub. Then Rebekah would scrub off with the washcloth, pass it to me, I would scrub off, and pass it to Rachel, who would scrub off and set it outside the tub. Next, Rebekah would rinse off under the running water, and then climb into the back of the tub, leaving the front to me. I would rinse off and climb into the back of the tub. Rachel would rinse off, and then resume her place in the back of the tub. We would do the hair washing using the same methods.

Sometimes Rachel would tearfully ask why she always had to use everything last. Then we would just ask her if she would rather get her bath all by herself. Rachel would admit that she wouldn’t, and try to content herself with her portion of the bathtub.