Once we went to the Moss’s to play, and a few of us decided to take a walk in the cow pasture.  Soon everyone wanted to go so Daniel, Brittany, Rachel, Timothy, Shelby, Tyler, Tanner and I all went.  Tyler and Tanner were both very young.  Brittany and I were supposed to be watching them.

We probably should not have taken them into the cow pasture, but anyway, the pasture we especially wanted to go explore was for some reason already occupied when we reached it, by a group of bulls!  We liked that pasture because there was a hill in it that had some old tomb stones from back during the civil war, and we always liked reading them and talking about the ones buried there.

So, we had gone to this pasture. When we got to the foot of the hill, we had to set Tyler and Tanner down to climb it, but we still held their hands. When we finally got to the top, we started looking around at the different gravestones, but we soon realized that almost all of the bulls were jogging up the hill toward us! We were terrified!  There were several hay bales and a few trees nearby, so we ran to the closest hay bale, boosted the younger kids up onto it and then climbed up ourselves. It was one of those big round ones so it was pretty tall and kind of hard to get up on, but just before the first bull got there we all reached the top of the hay bale. There was a limb from a nearby tree, hanging out over the bale we were on, so everyone who could reach it (which was only Daniel, Brittany and I), held on to it, and then with our other arm we held on to the ones who couldn’t reach it.

By this time the bulls were in a half circle around our bale and were knocking into it with their heads and stomping and shaking all around! We were so scared – we tried to climb up into the tree above us but we couldn’t get the younger ones up there, so we decided to all stay down and perish together!

Then Daniel got an idea and carried it out before the cows knew what had happened. He slipped off the hay bale, ran, and climbed up into a tree a few yards away.  Then he grabbed anything he could reach and started hollering and throwing it at the cows trying to get them to notice him and leave us alone. At first it seemed like it wasn’t working, and then we were even worse off trying to hold everybody on the bale without his help, but it didn’t take long for the bulls to notice Daniel who was now dangling his legs down out of the tree where they could easily reach them and whistling and making all kinds of noises to try to get their attention.

Before long there weren’t any bulls left around us, they were all running and hitting their heads against the tree! Daniel kept their attention by throwing sticks and things out of the tree down on them while he hollered for us to get out of the pasture. So everyone started sliding off the hay bale and running toward the barbed wire fence, a few of the bulls noticed us but we all made it under the fence before they reached us, so we sat several feet away from it and waited for Daniel.  When he was sure we were all safe, he sat very still up in the tree not making any noise until finally the bulls got bored and left. Then he slipped out of the tree and under the fence and we all soberly walked home.

Daniel was ever after enshrined in our hearts as a true heroe!