Double Spanking

Once Elisabeth and Rebekah had both gotten in trouble and were both about to get a spanking. It was usually up to the ones receiving the spanking to decide who would go first, so Rebekah asked if Elisabeth could go first, and it was agreed that she would.

Rebekah went out to wait her turn, but she didn’t spend any idle moments! She ran into her bedroom, and hurridly put on as much padding as she felt she could get away with. Still not satisfied, she stuffed a magazine in (she was wearing pajamas).  Then she rushed back out into the hall and waited.

Soon the door opened and Elisabeth came out.  Rebekah’s name was called. This was her turn, so, hiding a grin, she walked in very meekly and bent over the bed, and began screaming and crying as time and again the paddle was brought down on her layer of padding.  After her hug she humbly walked out.  When she met up with Elisabeth she giggled and said, “That didn’t hurt at all, see?” showing Elisabeth the protection she had put on for the spanking! Elisabeth immediately rushed back into Dad and Mom’s room and told on her!

A trembling Rebekah heard her name called the second time, she had to go back in there, remove all her extra padding, and get another spanking. So… she decided after that just to take the normal spanking and get it over with.