Scrapbook Night

Once Mrs. Cheryl came to our house to scrapbook with Mom, Elisabeth and Rebekah. She brought her daughter Kelsey, who was between Rachel and I in age. None of we three were into scrap-booking yet, so Rachel and I carried Kelsey off to our room to play.

The scrap-bookers took longer than usual. We were getting tired and a little bored, until Rachel and I got an idea! We got lots of quilts and hung them tightly over all the doors. Then we started pushing furniture in front of the doors. (We scraped one of the bedroom walls up pretty badly). Then we went into Steven’s closet, which was right beside our room. We climbed up onto the top shelf in his closet, removed a few of the ceiling tiles, and jumped through the ceiling onto our queen size bed! It was so much fun, and soon we were hollering, bouncing, climbing and jumping so loudly that the adults came down to see what all the commotion was about.

…that night, after Kelsey left, Rachel and I cleaned up the mess we had made in our room and in Steven’s closet. We then went upstairs to get our spanking. It was ten swats!

The next morning, our fun from the night before was the main topic of conversation. While we all talked about it, Rachel and I, thinking we were out of danger since we had already been spanked for it, told everything and laughed with the others, remembering the fun we had had. But when we told how we had accidently¬†broken some of the ceiling tiles, Rachel and I were the only ones laughing…

A few minutes later, Rachel and I both walked soberly into the livingroom and bent over the couch to receive our ten more swats!

So…always think of the consequences of things before you do them, and when you do something wrong, it kind of works out better to tell the whole truth in the beginning!