Gunman in the Pantry

The Corbett boys were famous for thinking up new ways to frighten their sisters.

One day Mom asked Elisabeth to go downstairs and bring up some vegetables forĀ supper. Now Elisabeth- being the oldest girl- would never have admitted it, but she was secretly terrified of the long dark stairway that led down to the basement pantry. She would do anything to avoid having to go alone. Anything except let on that she was afraid!

On this occasion, her pride had forced her to go all alone. Normally the plan was to run down the stairs and find the light as quickly as possible. When she had gathered the goods, she would wait at the bottom of the stairs with the light still on until she could muster up enough courage to flip the light switch back off and run up those stairs as fast as her little legs would carry her before anything had a chance to creep out of the darkness and get her!

Walking cautiously down the long flight of stairs, she fumbled to find the precious light switch. As the dear light brightened the room, Elisabeth was horrified to find herself face to face with a masked man looking her square in the eyes and pointing his gigantic gun right at her! She knew she had only a few short seconds left on this earth. As she waited for her finish, she realized that it wasn’t coming as quickly as she expected. Then as she took a closer look at the ugly grimy face peering out from underneath the gunman’s over-sized hat, she let out a sigh of relief as she realized that her captor’s head was only one of her brother’s basketballs. The terrifying man was complete with a well planned collection of the boys’ wardrobe. Stuffed shirt, pants, boots, gloves and best of all, their prized BB gun!