Little Sisters- or Little Servants?

When we would play in the attic at the Moss’s house, Brittany and I would always take the big side, and give Shelby and Rachel the tiny side.

We found lots of wonderful things in that attic.  First, we found a mattress and a cot, then we found some pillows and a quilt.  Brittany and I pulled the bed out and put it where we wanted it, then we put the quilt on it, and then arranged the pillows nicely.  We sent the cot over to Rachel and Shelby with our kind regards.  They were very grateful and pleased, until, on coming over to thank us, they saw our beautiful, cozy bed.  Quickly we explained that the nice bed would have taken up too much of their room, so we thought that they would like the cot, and the cot was an Army cot, so they could pretend that they were nurses in the Army!  So, they contentedly left to find a place for their cot.

Next, Brittany and I found a table which we quickly set up, then we found a school desk and a recliner, and, of course, we sent the school desk to Rachel and Shelby, and found a nice spot for our recliner.

After a while, we had a nice, cozy little attic home.  We were very pleased with it, so we invited Rachel and Shelby over to see it!  They were not excited.  They were indignant.  But after we had an encouraging talk with them they went once again, well, not quite contentedly, to put the finishing touches on their fox hole.

Then Brittany and I decided that we were hungry, so we called Rachel and Shelby and asked them how they would like to pretend that they were servants.  At first they protested, and absolutely refused.  But Brittany and I (as only older sisters can), finally convinced them that it would be fun, and we promised to allow them to eat all of our leftovers!  So we found some scarves and aprons, and they went happily away on their mission.

We played in the attic for a long time after that.  Once we even allowed Rachel and Shelby to have our side!

Whether this was simply an act of diplomacy in an attempt to insure their cooperation in the future, or if we really did have somewhere in us a grain of compassion is uncertain…