One Cold Day

Once when we lived in PA, our neighbor Renee came over.  She sometimes played with Elisabeth and Rebekah.  This particular time it was very cold.  There was a big hole in the side yard filled with water.  It had been just cold enough to get a layer of ice over the hole – it wasn’t very thick but it wasn’t so thin that when you touched it it broke immediately.  Actually it looked solid enough to hold a person up so Elisabeth tapped it with her toe but found that it was definitely not firm enough for her weight.  Looking for some fun, however, she and Rebekah decided to pretend it was solid, so they offered to let Renee stand on it.  Renee wasn’t sure she trusted it, but after Rebekah and Elisabeth each put a foot on it, thus proving that it was sturdy, she decided to try it.  So she trustingly walked out on the ice, which immediately broke, and Renee went under, thoroughly soaking herself.  She was very angry, and her faith in my sisters had been shaken.

Then our mom came out, and realizing what had happened, took Renee into the house, comforting her as they went.  As for the other two, Elisabeth was required to help the poor girl get a bath, and Rebekah (who you will find in later stories cannot bear to come in contact with other people’s feet) was made to share a pair of her very own socks.  To this, Rebekah protested loudly, but to no avail.

The girls, after apologizing, decided that it was much more pleasant to play nicely together than to have fun at someone else’s expense and pay such unbearable consequences later.