Rebekah Hides In a Pile!

Once while we were living in Mississippi in an old farm house some unexpected guests drove up in our gravel, well, more like dirt, (actually grass) driveway! They were from the church our Dad had just resigned from!

Well our house was not exactly company ready to put it politely, especially we girls room! Those of you who have been allowed a peek into our room on one of the frequent occasions when it was not company ready or to be more precise when it looked like the aftermath of a tornado, have not seen anything! This one was a 4 in the ranking for natural disasters! I can proudly say that it was not a 5 because we had very diligently bulldozed it all into one HUGE pile close to the wall. Then we carefully spread quilts and afghans over the entire mountain! So, except for that section of the room things looked great!

Now to get back to the point. We saw them pull up in the driveway and as the message was quickly relayed throughout the house our already exciting home instantly erupted into something like a disrupted fire ant hill! Everybody was rushing around in feverish haste running into each other as we crammed stuff into closets and under beds, zooming around with brooms and dust pans up until the moment the door was opened to welcome our guests in!

Then as suddenly as the commotion had started it stopped, leaving behind a calm, pleasant, orderly home! We all “leisurely” walked in to greet our guests and accept humbly the praises they bestowed on our “lovely home”!

Well, all of us except Rebekah! She had a strange habit she called “being comfortable.” She would pick out her favorite, most comfortable shirt and her favorite, most comfortable skirt and wear them together around the house! The styles and colors usually clashed pretty badly but no one in the whole world could convince her not to do it anymore. So as soon as the door opened, she ran upstairs to stay in our room until the company left. She sat there pleasantly relaxing, well, as pleasantly as was possible considering that we didn’t have air conditioning and she was up in the top of an old farm house in the middle of a Mississippi summer! Then suddenly a shock wave ran through her as she heard our Dad say “Why don’t I show you through the house?” Rebekah realized that her place of refuge was about to be invaded! She racked her brain for some way to escape the utter humiliation of being found in such an unseemly manner! Then her eyes fell on the huge mound in the far corner of the room. She sat there for a moment thinking through her options; but just then the footsteps and voices reached the bottom of the stairs and started coming up!

Realizing she was out of time she dove into the pile, burrowed deep into the middle and pulled the quilts back over the hole her entrance had made! She sat there quaking with fear as the voices came into the room, walked over and stopped right beside the huge pile! They stood there and talked away oblivious of the fact that buried deep within that pile sat a poor little girl miserably hot, hardly daring to breath with the sweat pouring down her face and back! Finally someone said, “wshew, I’m going downstairs! I think I felt a fan or something down there!” And they all trailed out of the room and down the stairs!

As soon as Rebekah felt sure she was once again alone she wearily dug her way out of that heat mound with her hair and clothes dripping with sweat and a firm determination fast settling in her heart to ever after wear matching clothes!