The Bad Word

Elisabeth and Rebekah had just been to a friend’s house where they had watched a movie.  In the movie, a word had been said that the girls both knew they weren’t allowed to say.

When they were home later that day, Rebekah saw Elisabeth, and got an idea!  She rushed over to her, and with a mischievous look, said the first syllable of the bad word, quickly  Elisabeth finished it. So they had together said the word they had heard on the movie that they weren’t allowed to say.   As soon as Elisabeth finished it, Rebekah said, “Awww, I’m telling- you know you’re not allowed to say that word!” And off she ran to tell Mom!  Mom, however, felt that Rebekah was just as much at fault, if not more so, than Elisabeth- so she spanked them both!

*DISCLAIMER – the word that they said was not a curse word, or anything close. It was simply a word that, in our family was considered crude and was therefore off limits.