The Second Baptism

One Saturday evening, we kids were all standing around the baptistery. It was filled with water, because someone was going to be baptized Sunday.  Well, all of we kids except Steven were standing around it, but he soon came in too.  He looked into the baptistery, he looked at all of us standing around it, then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a nickel.  He dropped the nickel into the middle of the baptistery, and looking at us with a mischevious grin, quietly said, “Whoever gets it can have it!”  We instinctively looked each other excitedly in the eye and then all dove into the baptistery, splashing water all over the church hymnals and everything around.

I think Daniel got the nickel, and everyone rushed home to tell the exciting news to Mom.  Mom brought a towel out for each of us, gave the nickel to Steven saying that money earned in such a way could not be kept.  – and gave all but Steven a spanking. He however had to stand by as the punishment took place which anyone with a heart knows is much worse by a long shot!