The Worst Day of Wes’s Life!

Once when the guys were working at Independent (a larger church nearby), they were tired – it was late, but they had gotten the “second wind” that you sometimes get after staying up too late.  So, they were doing silly things and making each other laugh to keep spirits high.

Wes decided to pull his pants up as high as they would possibly go.  You could not have gotten them any higher.  Then he sat back down and resumed his painting.  The boys were snickering, and it did seem to lighten the air a bit.  But… all of a sudden, the door opened and in walked the pastor!  Wes sprung out of his seat, dove around the corner, and in feverish haste unzipped his pants so he could re-adjust them- but they wouldn’t zip!  Steven jumped around the corner in front of Wes just as the pastor walked around, but the pastor didn’t notice- he was looking past Steven to Wes, no doubt wondering what ever was going on back there!

Steven loyally tried  (but in vain since Wes and the pastor were bigger than he) to keep the pastor’s attention on himself – he stretched as tall as he could, moved all over, and kept talking to the pastor.  In his earnest, careful protection of his brother-in-law he made himself look pretty eccentric.

Finally the pastor, perhaps realizing the boys’ predicament, withdrew leaving Steven and Daniel to laugh until their stomachs hurt and Wes to continue to work trying to pretend nothing had ever happened though his face was burning!  Wes, of course, was completely humiliated and he says (as with many other such incidents), “That was the worst day of my life.”