Too Old to be Spanked?

Our parents were having trouble getting us all to bed at a reasonable hour so they made a rule that everyone had to be in bed by 9:00! No excuses would be accepted. All violators would be spanked!

Well, Steven was thirteen years old at the time, the oldest child and quite certain that he was far too old to be spanked! He decided that he needed to make a clear statement to would remind everyone that he was quite a grown man now and a spanking was a threat that could no longer be used on him!

So at 9:00 Steven walked into the bathroom, picked up his toothbrush and brushed his teeth!

When he had completed this simple task he needed to go in the kitchen and put something on Mom’s desk and then he would go to bed having proven that this new rule would not work in his case! As he began to tip-toe into the kitchen he suddenly stopped short! There at the kitchen sink washing dishes was Mom!

Her back was toward him so he figured he could still slip it on her desk and then creep off to his bedroom without her even knowing! Half exultantly, half hesitantly, he started out across that kitchen floor. Before he got very far he heard with a sick feeling in his heart his mothers voice say, “Steven.”

She hadn’t even turned around. She knew it was him. Then without bothering to ask him how old he was or whether he was the oldest child or not, she spanked him.