You Get to be the Snowball Packer!

In the winter of probably ’95, while we were living in the small town of Cross Keys, PA, we got one of the best snow storms we can remember. The faithful snow plow made it’s way down our little road and pushed every bit of that snow up against an old abandoned bus, making a perfect place for snow tunnels and forts!

Elisabeth (age 7 at the time) not wanting to miss out on any of the fun, decided that she was a big enough girl to play with the boys. When she proudly announced that she would be joining Steven and his young friends, they didn’t seem to share her excitement. Suddenly the boys’ expressions seemed to brighten though, and they enthusiastically told her that not only would she be allowed to join them, they were going to let her take the very most important job for herself! “You get to be the snowball packer!” the boys explained. Feeling very honored, Elisabeth eagerly set out to begin her new official job in the bottom of the long tunnel.

Surprisingly to Elisabeth, as the hours passed (or at least what seemed like hours) her important role as “snowball packer” ended up not being too much fun and leaving her only with cold red hands and sopping wet knees. 🙂