This month has been great! Tim celebrated his seventeenth birthday! He is such a wonderful brother! He’s an amazing pianist and we all love it when he sit’s down to the piano! His goal is still to become a Pilot and he spends a lot of time learning about planes and practicing on flight simulator. […]

Christmas as a family!

We could never begin to count all the blessings God has sent us through this past holiday season! It really is a miracle! It was amazing watching God do what was so impossible! We were so blessed to get to spend Christmas as a family this year! We are truly thankful to God and the […]

Our family right now… What we’re doing.

Right now there are six of us living here on Grand Cayman Island! We stay pretty busy with work at or for the church and fill in the cracks with family time or work around the house! We do almost everything together as a team which makes it a lot more enjoyable! We started a […]