“A friend loveth at all times …” Pro. 17:17

One of the blessings of this time of transition in my life has been the opportunity to work with Bro. Skinner on a daily basis.  Bro. Skinner has been a blessing, an encouragement and has challenged me in my walk with God.  Thursday night he invited several of us over to watch the National Championship game between Alabama and Texas.  Even though two of my sons (and my ex-future son-in-law) all turned traitor and pulled for Bama, Bro. Skinner pulled for Texas with me.  Even when things got bad and I crawled under my Juniper tree, he was there to soothe my wounds (the wounds of a friend) and encourage me.  Bro. Skinner –  I love you man.  You are a FRIEND!  I only wish everyone had a friend like you.

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Pastor Corbett,

I just thought I would share with you some of the awesome comments your really good friend makes about you. On Friday night, at RU, he mentioned how blessed he was to have you as a friend and told everyone that you were his hero. He also said that he bought a pair of black shoes, because you had the same ones. He was however, tripping over the shoes….LOL. You are not always at RU, but he often makes comments about how looks up too you. I just thought I would share them since you were not there to hear them yourself.

God Bless Jan


I am so thankful for the friendship between Steve and Brother Skinner. For most of our married life Steve has been a Pastor. With the modern concept of pastor it is rare that you have the opportunity to have a “friend in skin” you can share your struggles with. Brother Skinner has been that friend! We thank God for him.


Anyone who gets to be around the Skinners is blessed!



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