Clothes for Rachel

We were leaving in several days to go on a kind of long trip.  Rachel had been going through a growing spurt and she didn’t have enough clothes for a trip- she really only had a couple of dresses.

Everyone was packing- except Rachel.  She was worrying and watching.  Finally she went to Mother and asked what she should do.  So, (and any of we kids could have predicted this), a few moments later our Mom and Rachel and a few others that had been standing near were gathered together in the living room praying.

That day ended, the next came and went, and several days passed, we were about to leave- then the day before we left, we heard a knock at the door!  We opened it, and there was a lady standing, her arms piled high with clothes!  She said that her daughter had outgrown her wardrobe, and she wondered if we had any girls who could wear these clothes!  We knew these were from God, so we said, “Yes!”  She brought in pile after pile and we got to dig through them (after she left, of course).  We were so excited and thankful.

God always provides for us, but it usually comes at the last minute!

Anyway, Rachel started packing!  She now had plenty of clothes – way too many!