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What’s the Matter, Man?

It was a Wednesday night, we were having a church meal. Wes, Elisabeth, Trey, and Addy were up for Christmas. We were all sitting down eating, and Trey was sitting at the head of our table in a highchair eating away! After a while, Trey looked around and spotted Daddy at the other end of […]

Jehovah Jireh/Christmas Truckload

We were living in Pennsylvania, where our salary ranged anywhere from $1.00 a week to $400.00 a month.  It was nearing Christmas time.  There were six children (Timothy wasn’t born yet), and our Christmas was expected to be rather meageras far as gifts and food where concerned.  Our parents didn’t plan anything for Christmas- they […]

Ten-Fold Provision

When Mother was a young girl, maybe 12 or 13, she had done some babysitting and earned $10.00. When Sunday morning came, she sat in the pew with her $10.00, and as the offering plate was passed around, she got ready to put in $1.00 for tithe.  Somehow she felt that she should put all […]

Clothes for Rachel

We were leaving in several days to go on a kind of long trip.  Rachel had been going through a growing spurt and she didn’t have enough clothes for a trip- she really only had a couple of dresses. Everyone was packing- except Rachel.  She was worrying and watching.  Finally she went to Mother and […]