Elisabeth’s Self-Flushing Toilet

Elisabeth and Rebekah had stayed up late like they sometimes did, talking, then Rebekah had fallen asleep.  All the lighs in the house were off, and everyone was in bed- at least Elisabeth thought everyone was in bed- so she was a little disturbed to hear the toilet flushing.  “Oh well,” she thought, “Hannah or Rachel must have gotten up to go to the bathroom.  So she softly called, “Hannah?”… no answer… “Rachel?”… no answer… “Hey girls?”… still no answer- “Daniel?  Ya’ll, who’s in the bathroom?” After calling the names of various ones in the family and getting no answer, Elisabeth was thoroughly frightened.

The next morning Elisabeth told the family about it.  She was still really scared- she knew it could not flush itself, and no one was admitting to getting up during the night to use the bathroom.

It kind of scared several of us, because other strange things had happened lately too!  Eventually though we got over it and didn’t really even think of it much anymore.  Sometime later Steven (of course ) confessed. He had done it to scare Elisabeth because he had an idea that she was already pretty scared about the other things that had been happening around that time.