Jehovah Jireh/Christmas Truckload

We were living in Pennsylvania, where our salary ranged anywhere from $1.00 a week to $400.00 a month.  It was nearing Christmas time.  There were six children (Timothy wasn’t born yet), and our Christmas was expected to be rather meageras far as gifts and food where concerned.  Our parents didn’t plan anything for Christmas- they had nothing to prepare, nothing to decorate with, no gifts, no special Christmas meal.

Then a few weeks before Christmas, a truck pulled up in our driveway.  The back of it had a hood, and it was packed with lots and lots of things for Christmas!  Another pastor and his wife brought it, and we had never even met them before!  Our family watched in amazement as they brought in a tree with nice decorations for us to put on it, plenty of gifts for everyone, a perfect Christmas meal, and several boxes of clothes for us that other people had donated!  We were so excited!  And we had a wonderful Christmas!

Mother doesn’t remember anything that was brought not working perfectly for our family.

Jehovah Jireh- the Lord will provide, or the Lord will foresee and provide!