Night Jinglers

One muggy summer night, in Cairo MS the seven of us children were feeling a bit bored. We decided to treat our parents to some harmonious music to help them sleep more peacefully.

We gathered all the jinglers and little bells we could find and waited patiently in our rooms until mid-night. Then we crept quietly out through the door and around the house until we were directly under our dear parents’ bedroom window. Then, on the count of three, we began singing some of the most clashing, dissonant, and annoying carols you could ever imagine. Our parents, being wakened abruptly from their deep sleep, were pretty good sports! But Dad couldn’t let us go with the last laugh. Soon we heard Dad’s voice through the open window, “I am so sorry Mrs. Whitehead. It woke us up too. Yes ma’am, we’ll punish them. Good night.”

Looking wide-eyed from sibling to sibling, we tried to decide quickly whether to run or beg for forgiveness and mercy! Soon we heard both parents giggling from their room. We were relieved of course but also admittedly one -upped. What parents!