Thin Mints

One warm Summer afternoon in Cross Keys, PA, Rebekah and Elisabeth were on the back deck, wondering what they should do with the remainder of their day. Their faithful little neighbor friend Renee, soon joined them, she was holding a box of cookies, she offered each of them one. The cookies were so wonderful, that Renee decided they should all just sit down and share the box.

All too soon the box was empty, but the girls agreed that they hadn’t had enough of those extraordinarily delicious cookies. Renee assured them that there were plenty more where those came from, and a few minutes later she reappeared and the girls were once again enjoying the delicious minty-chocolaty flavor. Ahhh. By and by (and several boxes of thin mints later) the girls were still in their places eating their amazing new treats.

When the last box was finally gone, Renee got up to go home and told the girls, “Don’t worry, we had a whole trunk full of those girl scout cookies! They’re mine! They’re for me to sell!” We’re not quite sure how many boxes were devoured, but it sure made for one very unhappy girl scout’s mother!