What’s the Matter, Man?

It was a Wednesday night, we were having a church meal. Wes, Elisabeth, Trey, and Addy were up for Christmas. We were all sitting down eating, and Trey was sitting at the head of our table in a highchair eating away!

After a while, Trey looked around and spotted Daddy at the other end of the cafeteria pushing a big trash can around as he cleared tables. Trey, due to some painful past circumstances, does not like to have his family far away from him, so, with a mouthful of partially chewed food, and tears streaming down his face, he began crying loudly, “Papaw, Papaw!” Bro. Skinner was walking by our table, and noticing Trey, he came over, bent down in front of Trey, and said, “What’s the matter, man?” Trey pointed toward Daddy, continued crying, and said again, “Papaw!” “He wants Papaw,” Steven and Elisabeth both said. “Oh, Papaw,” Bro. Skinner said, “You want your Papaw!” Then, standing up, he said, “You wait right here, and I’ll go get him for you.” Then he turned and headed toward Daddy. I leaned over to Steven, and asked, “Is he really going to get Daddy?” Steven nodded his head. He was watching Bro Skinner. “Yep,” he said, “He’ll get him.” Steven, Elisabeth, and I all watched as Bro. Skinner went over to Daddy. We could tell he was talking to Daddy, but with all the other noises in there, we couldn’t hear anything he said. Then he took the trash can from Daddy, and started clearing tables. Daddy turned, and leaving Bro. Skinner, came to the table we were at.

Trey was very happy to be with “Papaw”, and Steven, Elisabeth, and I were all very impressed and grateful to Bro. Skinner for his caring, compassionate, selfless kindness!