Poor Mail Lady!

I’m so amazed at how God is always so full of grace…and how He answers our prayers. It my not be a yes…but it could be;D A couple days ago one of my sisters said something about a stack of mail that “had” to go that day…the only problem was the mail had already gone =/haha I had ran outside to try to catch our mail lady but you might say it was all in vain;) She was way too far down the road!=( So I went and put them in the mail box and thought…I failed  my sister again, oh…:(  haha then I looked down and realized I didn’t have any shoes on and I was FREEZING! I went inside and told my sis I was sorry, I didn’t make it. Then I sat back down to finish my school work, right before I got back  into it I really quickly said somethin’ about it to God…asking Him to Please some how make that mail be picked up…I knew that might be a kind-of crazy thing to ask but I thought about the verse  “Ye have not because ye ask not” anyway then I kind-of forgot about it. Guess I just got into my school:) then I heard somethin’ that sounded like the mail lady,I thought No…then  I ran to the window and there she was coming back down the road=) she stopped at our mail box again;D  n then she went on like she always did!=D My sis said somethin’ about her coming back, then we had a good time making up reasons why she might have come back…The only one that really worked though was that God had some how made her come. =) He’s Awesome!

Haha well sorry if I bored you…;D