Poor Mail Lady!

I’m so amazed at how God is always so full of grace…and how He answers our prayers. It my not be a yes…but it could be;D A couple days ago one of my sisters said something about a stack of mail that “had” to go that day…the only problem was the mail had already gone =/haha I had ran outside to try to catch our mail lady but you might say it was all in vain;) She was way too far down the road!=( So I went and put them in the mail box and thought…I failed  my sister again, oh…:(  haha then I looked down and realized I didn’t have any shoes on and I was FREEZING! I went inside and told my sis I was sorry, I didn’t make it. Then I sat back down to finish my school work, right before I got back  into it I really quickly said somethin’ about it to God…asking Him to Please some how make that mail be picked up…I knew that might be a kind-of crazy thing to ask but I thought about the verse  “Ye have not because ye ask not” anyway then I kind-of forgot about it. Guess I just got into my school:) then I heard somethin’ that sounded like the mail lady,I thought No…then  I ran to the window and there she was coming back down the road=) she stopped at our mail box again;D  n then she went on like she always did!=D My sis said somethin’ about her coming back, then we had a good time making up reasons why she might have come back…The only one that really worked though was that God had some how made her come. =) He’s Awesome!

Haha well sorry if I bored you…;D

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ha! that’s really kind of you. I wish. I’m sure Mom could have done a much better job though!;)


How neat! That is awesome Rachel! Thank you for sharing that!


A week or so ago Rachel noticed calligraphy ink listed on my wish list. When she knew we were going to a thrift store she asked the LORD to provide the ink for me. Now in all of my years of thrift store shopping I have never found calligraphy ink there. On this day I not only found the ink but an entire calligraphy set for less than $1.50!

I have been blessed to see Rachel believe God. The faith God has given her amazes me. I have known of amazing occurrences in answer to her simple prayers. (I know I used “amazing” twice in a row; but that was the word that best described what I feel.)


Wow, that is amazing! God is so good. How nice of God to bless and answer Rachels prayer! Not only did God bless you with the calligraphy ink, he went up and beyond and really blessed you! That is so cool. I love when stuff like that happens…it just a little reminder that God loves you. Thank you for sharing that! = )

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