Looks Like We Could Use A New Family Photo

Since the last family photo we have added four grandchildren and a spouse!  Rachel married David Smith, Steven and Anna had Hudson, Wes and Elisabeth had Ella, and Michael and Bekah had Grayson and Liam.  But until that happens, check out the pages for the the kids and you’ll see pictures of the new ones […]

Happy 26th Birthday, Rebekah!

Well, it’s been 26 years since I gave birth to a strong-willed little girl who has brought us years of joy, lots of challenges in parenting, and pride in the woman she has become.  May God bless you, Bekah, as you continue the journey of life-long learning, growing and contributing as a wife and mother, […]

What Should I Wear To Church?

Have you heard someone say something like, “we should wear our very best to church to honor God?”  I tried that once.  I had a simple though formal gown that I wanted to wear for a special holiday.  The longer I wore it, the more uncomfortable I became.  With each comment it was increasingly obvious […]

Maintaining Our Testimony

As ladies we represent our Savior daily, to our children, our spouse, our friends, and those with whom we rub shoulders.  We have opportunities to reach out and help others in Jesus’ Name, and can have lasting effects on those we meet.  What are some ways we can make certain those contacts leave the best […]

So, How Old Is Everyone Now?

Well, Steve is 55.  Lisa is 50. Steven is 30, Anna is 27, Eva is 3, Hudson is 1. Wes is 30, Elisabeth is 27, Trey is 7, Addi is 6, Brogan is 4, Ella is 1. Michael is 25, Rebekah is 25, Ava is 3, Grayson is 1. Daniel is 24. Hannah is 23. […]

Nanny Is 97 and Still Living In Her Own Home!

Thanks to the sacrifice of Steven and Anna and their children, Eva and Hudson, Nanny Edna is 97 and living at home.  Steven and Anna moved their belongings from Tennessee to Maryland and moved in with Nanny on the farm.  Nanny was very ill at the time.  She had fallen and broken her hip, was […]

We’ve Seen All of Our Children and Grandchildren

Goal one complete. Goal two–we still need to find a vehicle that seats 6, gets good gas mileage, and is affordable.  Thanks for praying. Last night we enjoyed attending a mission conference.  Missions always has and probably always will grip our hearts. Blessings friends!