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The Worst Day of Wes’s Life!

Once when the guys were working at Independent (a larger church nearby), they were tired – it was late, but they had gotten the “second wind” that you sometimes get after staying up too late.  So, they were doing silly things and making each other laugh to keep spirits high. Wes decided to pull his […]

Grape-flavored Iris, Anyone?

We had not been getting to bed until really late for a while now, so Dad and Mom decided to set a bed time. They decided on 9:00 p.m. It was a Wednesday night. Church starts at 7:00 and is supposed to be over at 8:00, but sometimes went over, so we usually didn’t get […]


My cousin Shanda and I were about four years old, ShaDawn and Rebekah were about six, and Elisabeth was probably eight. It was bath time at Grandma’s house, and the five of us were supposed to get our baths together to save time and water. Grandma had a jacuzzi and we were really excited about […]

How Many Showers Did You Take?!

This past August 2007,  a group form our church went on a mission trip to Mexico. We went with Bearing Precious Seed. Steven and Rebekah were the adult sponsors from our church in the boys and girls dorms, but other than that, our whole family (including Wes, Elisabeth and Trey) were in an apartment attached […]

Night Jinglers

One muggy summer night, in Cairo MS the seven of us children were feeling a bit bored. We decided to treat our parents to some harmonious music to help them sleep more peacefully. We gathered all the jinglers and little bells we could find and waited patiently in our rooms until mid-night. Then we crept […]

Gunman in the Pantry

The Corbett boys were famous for thinking up new ways to frighten their sisters. One day Mom asked Elisabeth to go downstairs and bring up some vegetables for supper. Now Elisabeth- being the oldest girl- would never have admitted it, but she was secretly terrified of the long dark stairway that led down to the basement […]

Thin Mints

One warm Summer afternoon in Cross Keys, PA, Rebekah and Elisabeth were on the back deck, wondering what they should do with the remainder of their day. Their faithful little neighbor friend Renee, soon joined them, she was holding a box of cookies, she offered each of them one. The cookies were so wonderful, that Renee […]

You Get to be the Snowball Packer!

In the winter of probably ’95, while we were living in the small town of Cross Keys, PA, we got one of the best snow storms we can remember. The faithful snow plow made it’s way down our little road and pushed every bit of that snow up against an old abandoned bus, making a […]

The… Bathroom Tree

When we were younger, there was a tree behind our house in MS that was just barely inside the woods. We would’ve promised anyone that it had a strange way of making you have to run to the bathroom! We’re not quite sure which one of us started the rumor, but we would walk to […]


Once we went to the Moss’s to play, and a few of us decided to take a walk in the cow pasture.  Soon everyone wanted to go so Daniel, Brittany, Rachel, Timothy, Shelby, Tyler, Tanner and I all went.  Tyler and Tanner were both very young.  Brittany and I were supposed to be watching them. […]